How to Find Happiness

Dalai Lama quote

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. – The Dalai Lama

It’s all wrong.

You’ve been trying to figure out how to find happiness for years, but have only captured it for moments.

You started out believing it would be wonderful and magical, but ended up finding it fleeting and ethereal.

And now you’re wondering if happiness itself is the biggest myth of all.

The truth is happiness isn’t a myth, but there are a number of entrenched myths surrounding how to find happiness.

And they’ve sent you on a fruitless quest for a needle of happiness in a haystack of misinformation.

How To Find Happiness

Happiness is like electricity. You think you can see it, but in fact what you see – a spark, the glow of a light bulb, the warmth of an electric fire – is the result of the electricity, not the electricity itself.

The same is true of happiness. You can’t see happiness, but you can see the results:

  • a huge smile
  • a passionate kiss
  • a high-five
  • a belly laugh
  • a fist punched in the air
  • a deep sigh of contentment

So what are some of the causes of happiness?

The good news is that the main ones can be broken down into universal topics. Here’s a list of some of them we cover at to start you on your journey to finding happiness.

And rest assured we also share from personal experience and research how to deal with the most common causes of unhappiness – low self-esteem and confidence, change and stress, worry and regret as well as other people’s negativity and toxic behavior – so you can remain the you were born to be. 🙂

Happiness & Positivity

Everything starts with happiness. Here you’ll learn how to find it, keep it, grow it, and spread it around.

Sometimes life gets tough and it’s hard to stay happy, but if you can stay positive then you can always find your way back to happiness. That’s why we show you how to be both happy and positive.

Self-esteem and Confidence

If you have low self-esteem or confidence then finding happiness can be hard. Want to improve any area of your life and happiness? Then improve your self-esteem and confidence and learn to love yourself first.

Love & Relationships

Loving yourself is vital to happiness. Indeed, it’s impossible to be happy otherwise. The next biggest cause of happiness in your life is love and relationships. If you have happy, healthy relationships in your life, no matter what else happens, you can stay happy and positive.

Health & Habits

When we talk about finding happiness, we rank health in body and mind way up there. And having a healthy body and mind is down to your habits.

Work & Productivity

Most of us spend a large amount of our lives working and anything that we spend a large amount of our time doing is seriously going to impact our happiness. And your productivity (at work or not) can be directly related to how positive (and happy) you are.

Inspiration & Motivation

Happiness and positivity are not a one-off job, but something in this negative world you need to do on a daily basis. We all need inspiration to get started and motivation to keep going.

Lifestyle & Simplicity

Our lifestyle impacts hugely on our happiness. The more complex it is, the harder it is to find happiness in it. Simplicity allows you to free up time, space, money, and your mind to have more of what makes you happy.

Come with us on this journey

If you like the sound of all that, we’d love you to join us here so that we can all share what it means to be happy and content.

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