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Longhornsurvey – Long Horn Steakhouse is a String of casual restaurants with a Famous menu, that will be extraordinary steaks. But, that does not mean that restaurant just serves steak but there’s a whole lot more served by Longhorn Steakhouse like some of the best ribs, meat and beef and much more. Launched in 1981 with its own head office at Orlando, Florida. This restaurant is known for serving a variety of types of steaks, most understood to the majority of people is “Flo’s Filet”. This restaurant offers a bar filled with beer and brewed beer, wine along with any other exceptional drinks. Steak menu which includes soups, salads, hamburgers and sandwiches available.

Long Horn Steakhouse provides you with the chance to win top Prizes, but in addition, you have to try their gift cards. Which can make it the perfect present for any occasion of holidays, birthdays or other special events. It is possible for you to get the $1000 LongHorn Survey Sweepstakes by obtaining longhornsurvey.com.

Which Exactly Are The Requirements To Follow Long Horn Survey?

Like most other surveys, There’ll surely be some Requirements with this Long Horn Survey. Following are the requirements to Participate in the survey:

  • You Have to be at least 18 years old
  • You Have to be a real resident of the USA, Puerto Rico or Canada.
  • You also have to really have a Long Horn Steak House receipt recently.
  • Have a Long Horn Steak House reception together using all the ID code published Onto it.

How to Accomplish LonghornSurvey Online?

If you Believe That you have completed and fulfilled that the aforementioned Requirements, you’ll be able to carry on to fillin Longhorn Survey by following the instructions below:

  1. You Have to access LongHorn Survey by visiting longhornsurvey.com.
  2. Input the ID number located in your Long Horn Steak House Receipt from the previous purchase.
  3. Next, answer the questions given in the survey.
  4. Provide your personal information or contacts at the ending of this Survey and so the firm may contact you in case you win.
  5. Finally, submit a questionnaire that has been full of truth.

How to get Longhorn Survey via Mail?

As for accessing LonghornSurvey via Mail, If You’d like Shipping with a printed document. You Just Need to print your title, complete address, telephone number and date of birth on the postcard and send it directly to the speech:

Restaurant Darden Satisfaction Survey Sweeptakes,

PMI Station,

PO Box 3536,


CT 06488-3536 AS.

If You Choose to Have a Longhorn Steakhouse survey, then it’s Sure that you have the chance to get a prize for your business subsequent to the Longhorn Steakhouse survey. At the close of the survey, you also can get into the Longhorn Steakhouse Lottery to gain the grand prize of a $ 1000 check. However, every survey period, in addition, there are 100 smaller prizes, consisting of 50 checks. The major decoration and secondary prize can be found in the kind of a test. Which means that you can spend it in whatever way you want. Unlike the Lonhgorn steak house coupons, that you can just pay at the Longhorn Steakhouse location.


  • longhornsurvey.com


  • 1-407-245-4000