27 Inspirational Bloggers Who Fought Back Against Adversity

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How do you fight back when the odds are racked against you?

How do you keep taking the blows and yet manage to stay standing?

And if you do get knocked down, how the hell do you have the guts to get back up and keep fighting?

When experience convinces you that you can’t.

When professionals tell you there’s no chance.

When you’ve only just enough puff left to lay down and wish it wasn’t so.

Now we’re pretty all-out positive here at Positively Happy.Me – the clues in the name:) – but no matter how positive you may be, you’ve got to admit that life can have a nasty, mean streak. It can throw a challenge at you that leaves you feeling it’s beaten all the fight out of you.

Oh boy, that hurts. That hurts inside and out.

It’s raw. It’s rough. It’s relentless.

But there’s one surprising thing that challenge isn’t, no matter what that difficulty is.

It isn’t stronger than you.


Sure it feels like it is. Sure you’re right to question if you’ve enough strength to win against the odds. After all, you may not have won through…yet.

That’s why I have to share these amazing people with you. Each one is my ‘can-I-shake-your-hand’ hero for a different reason.
They’ve overcome huge adversity.

They’ve shown that there’s a way round any insurmountable obstacle.

They’ve proved that we’re all stronger than we think.

Heck, they’ve aced life’s meanest challenges.Come see how to find the fight to punch life right back in the face, no matter how tired or beaten you feel:

1. Steven Aitchison– Fighting back from oblivion

How bad do you feel about your life that you try to end it?

Really bad. Steve did. And he was till a teenager. Luckily his dad heard him fall out of bed after taking 30-40 strong sleeping tablets. Steve was rushed to hospital where he spent the next three days.

While laying in that hospital bed Steve decided to fight back against the disconnect he felt in his life. He started by leaving the town he was brought up in, dropping most of his friends and starting a new career counseling and helping others struggling in life.

Not content with just helping people in his job, Steve started a blog to spread his message of connecting spiritually and emotionally in life further afield. Today Steve is one of the most well-known personal development bloggers with almost 3,000,000 Facebook likes and is the creator of the empowering Guided Mind.

2. Mary Jaksch – Fighting back from a shocking diagnosis

What do you do if you’re handed a knock out punch?

Mary has always been a fighter. Having lost all of her mother’s inheritance to unscrupulous people, she started life again on the other side of the world. And not only life but a new career with her blog, Goodlife ZEN. Despite being new to blogging, her fearless attitude soon saw her teamed up with another, more established blogger and much-needed money coming in.

But amid her brave new start, she started getting severe problems with the joints in her fingers and feet. A trip to the doctor led to a shocking diagnosis:

“You’ve got Lupus.”
“Lupus? Oh – that doesn’t sound too good…”
“Well, Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys. You’ve now got it in your joints, but you have to prepare yourself for a bad prognosis. You may end up in a wheelchair, and some people finally die of organ failure…”
“What?!” I started to cry.
“Now, don’t get upset. We’ll try and maintain your status quo with medication. They have some severe side effects, but that’s just the way it is.”

But as I said, Mary is a born fighter. She quickly fought back against the diagnosis and decided to seek out other opinions on her condition. And her pluck was rewarded. Another doctor assured her that she actually had Rheumatoid Arthritis, not Lupus, an improvement but still a huge challenge.

But always one up for a challenge, Mary researched the condition and embarked on her own program of recovery. The result? In Mary’s words: “I’m back to weekly karate training and am doing a scorching workout in the gym each week. I’m pretty well back to full strength and health. It may be that I was just lucky. But I think there are some things you can do to become lucky.”

Mary’s blog is a wonderful mixture of Zen-like calm and wisdom and irrepressible Mary-like fight and energy – she’s a 5th Dan (degree) Blackbelt in karate as well as an authorized Zen master.

Mary’s other big passion is writing and you can catch up with her at Write To Done where she teaches everything she knows on how to write effectively.

3. S.J.Scott – Fighting back from self-hate

What do you have to do to unlock the door to your better self?

The first half of Steve’s life was ordinary enough. He served in the military, left, and then worked as a marketing assistant for a while. But inside Steve wasn’t happy with the way his life was turning out. Events came to a head when his marriage ended in divorce and he was forced to leave South Carolina and go back to New Jersey and live with his parents.

Largely blaming himself for his troubles, he turned his anger around and used it to fight back against the pattern of the first half of his life. Steve started with a small Internet business and soon earned enough to move out of his parents home. For the next couple of years he tried anything that might make enough money to live on. However he had bigger ambitions than just making enough to get by and when the e-book boom arrived and self-publishing became a viable option, Steve found his vehicle.

Harnessing an amazing work ethic, Steve researched, wrote and published dozens of books, finally finding fame as ‘the habits guy’. Collaborations with well known writers followed and today Steve is one of the most respected self published authors in personal development.

4. Steve Pavlina -Fighting back from a jail cell


Where do you go from a juvenile life of crime?

Steve lost his way early on in life and ended up making some very wrong turns. Skipping school, drinking hard and shoplifting soon led to grand theft. Just when he should have been facing a bright future, he was facing the prospect of years in jail.

A twist of fate saved him from a jail sentence and the grateful teenager resolved to fight back against his wayward ways. He found the strength to devote himself to a life of personal growth – an incredible u-turn on the direction he’d been following up to then.

Steve is prolific in sharing his experiences and the lessons he’s learned with more than 700 articles on his blog, which has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and Self Magazine. Determined to help as many others as possible, Steve uncopyrighted all his work to encourage the now 2 million monthly visitors to his site to pursue their own journeys of personal growth.

If you’re looking for honest answers and unique real-world guidance Steve’s blog is the place to go.

5. Ann Davis– Fighting back from poverty


Ever been so broke you’ve eaten caterpillars just to survive? Nope, me either. Yuck!

But Ann had to stomach more than just bugs when her bold move from being a Kenyan School Teacher to striking out as a solo entrepreneur in Botswana turned sour in a little over three months. In a new country, alone and with no means of earning anything, Ann could have given up. That would have been fair, right?

Instead she dug deep and found her inner resilience was stronger than her misfortune. Passing an unused club pool, she bravely negotiated a deal to provide swimming lessons for a share of her profits… and then quietly learned to swim herself! Risky, oh boy! But successful.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to turn a situation around, Ann will give you the motivation, encouragement and practical advice to follow your real dream at The Real Dreamer. Her delicious sense of humor combined with her practical advice will motivate you. Best of all, as she slaps your excuses away with one hand, she will guide you to a solution with the other.

Start here: 4 Ways Introverts Can Supercharge Their Happiness

6. Chelsea Dinsmore– Fighting back from the death of her husband

How do you fight back from losing the one you love?

Scott Dinsmore was a legend at 33. Founder of the aptly named Live Your Legend, he inspired others to live their life to the absolute fullest and was the epitome of all that he advocated. And then a freak accident while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro left his wife, Chelsea to deal not only with her initial shock (she had been climbing with him) but also a long future without the man she adored.

Amid her grief, Chelsea found the courage and inner strength not only to accept her situation but to focus on the positives of the years they had shared. And then she blew us all away by taking over the running of Live Your Legend. In Chelsea, Scott’s legacy lives on through her vibrancy and infectious passion. She truly is one of the most remarkable women you’ll ever meet.

If you’re filled with a thirst for following your passion, making a difference, and being among other awesome people visit Chelsea and her team at Live Your Legend and let them light the touch paper on your incredible future life.

7. Courtney Carver– Fighting back from Multiple Sclerosis

How would you react to a devastating illness?

After a worryingly long silence following a long series of medical tests, Courtney got that phone call, at work. The one to confirm that the fatigue and vertigo she was battling was the result of multiple sclerosis. Oh boy. Facing an uncertain future, she feared her health was over and that her family would suffer every inch as much as she would.

But Courtney decided to fight back. With incredible fortitude she examined every area of her life and made changes to reach a near-symptom free life. Courtney took positive steps and by simplifying her life in all areas – diet, lifestyle, working environment and even relationships – she built herself a roadmap to positive health.

Courtney started Be More With Less and has inspired hundreds of thousands to defeat exhausting overwhelm and paralyzing complexity with her honesty, humor, and irrepressibly fun projects such as Project333 (a spectacular wardrobe rethink that you won’t believe!). With practical steps included in all the simplicity wisdom she shares, Courtney truly is a quiet force of nature, changing lives every day.

8. Dani DiPirro – Fighting back from drink.


When it feels so good, how do you defeat your own self-damaging behavior?

Dani craved the wild life, always looking for that high of a crazy night out. But she reached the point of being reliant on alcohol to relax, to have fun. And she soon became caught up in too many situations that weren’t healthy, happy or helping her in life as a result of her alcohol-fueled behavior.

With immense courage and self-awareness, Dani admitted to herself that she needed help and committed herself to move towards living alcohol-free. Therapy sessions and a dramatic positive behavior change gave her the impetus to find the crazy fun that life can offer without having a glass in your hand. By focusing on developing her fabulous blog Positively Present, Dani can proudly whoop at life, looking back over more than six years of sobriety.

Dani has helped so many others find their own answer to living life positively. She shares her first-hand experiences and her empathy for the difficulties in making a commitment to change. If you’re looking for inspiration to regain control of your life, to make a positive change or to find and focus on what really matters to you, visit Dani at Positively Present-You’ll love her genuine warmth and honesty.

9. Dragos Roua– Fighting back from Regime Change and Revolution.

Where do you find the resilience to keep going when you can’t see the finish line?


Being brought up under an oppressive regime is a hard enough start in life for anyone. But literally having to fight for your life is more adversity than most of us will ever have to bear.

But that’s exactly the situation Dragos found himself in. Bought up in Romania under the ruthless and obsessive dictator, Ceausescu, Dragos found himself caught up in the bloody Romanian Revolution. Without sleep, under fire and never knowing if he would be alive when the sun rose, Dragos faced the biggest challenge of his life:

“And I knew that I will never be afraid again. If I was still alive after those days, I knew I will never really die.”

After the revolution, Romania remained for some time a difficult country to live in, but Dragos was determined to lead his own revolution. From radio anchor to serial entrepreneur, to selling his successful software company to losing all his money in real estate, over the next 16 years Dragos kept fighting for his dream of a better life, a better future.

He started his blog in the middle of his personal revolution and soon had one of his first posts go viral. In between teaching people how to start, run and succeed at business, Dragos somehow finds the time to teach tango, run ultra-marathons and be a proud father.

10. Farnoosh Brock– Fighting back from a disrupted childhood


How do you thrive in a strange land?

Farnoosh called Tehran home for the first 11 years of her life before her parents took her on a two week holiday. They packed just two suitcases between them for the trip. Farnoosh expected to be back shortly, so she packed none of her favorite clothes or belongings, or said goodbye to her many friends.

Two weeks after arriving in Turkey when they were due to return, her parents announced to a shocked Farnoosh that they would never be going home.

For three months Farnoosh, her brother and her pregnant mother lived out of the two suitcases in a tiny hotel room, while their father left to try and sort his business out. Finally they moved out of the hotel room and after three long years were able to emigrate to the United States, another wrench for Farnoosh. She now found herself in schools where none of the other children even knew where her country was on the map.

Farnoosh worked hard at school and beyond to a successful career, but in her words:”I do not live a single day where I forget to indulge in my beloved freedom. A freedom rooted in utter gratitude to my parents for the sacrifices they made.”

But Farnoosh was determined to thrive in this strange land. And freedom from corporate shackles was her dream. So she fought for her dream and went from an electrical engineer and corporate career to ‘a multi-passionate entrepreneur who not only quit a cushy job but got her husband to do the same thing 18 months later’.

If you want to know what it takes to unleash your own personal and professional power and go for that dream, start here: 5 Seemingly “Good” Things to Stop Expecting of Yourself

11. Jacob Wachob– Fighting back from excruciating pain


What do you do when all your options seem gone?

Jacob was quite literally a high flyer, covering over 150,000 miles by air every year. Unfortunately, his lower back was seriously unimpressed by his frequent flyer status and gave him the excruciatingly painful ultimatum of two extruded discs constantly pressing on his sciatic nerve. If you haven’t experienced that, it’s murderous pain that doesn’t let up and drastic surgery seemed the only answer left.

Jacob however decided to take charge of his health’s destiny and made conscious and dramatic lifestyle changes. He embraced yoga, changed his nutrition, ate organic and focused on foods that fueled health and reduced, rather than stoked inflammation. Slowly, painstakingly he fought back against the pain and rebuilt his health.

That experience didn’t just set in motion a personal transformation, it ignited a calling to build a global community around wellness with a focus on mindset (Mind), movement (Body) and nutrition (Green). From that seed of an idea, Mind Body Green was born. It’s now grown into one of the internet’s top resources for wellness, with millions of people visiting every month.

12. Jennifer Gresham– Fighting back from the wrong success


How do you fight back from success?

Since when does being a success become an adversity? The answer is when it doesn’t make you happy. Being the youngest person to serve as the Assistant Chief Scientist of the Human Performance Wing of the Air Force Research Laboratory with $100 million in funding and a raft of top flight U.S. Generals believing in her was an amazing achievement for Jen.

Walking away from it all was also the greatest test of self-belief she’d ever come up against. To seemingly throw away what so much of the world is striving for and go after your own dream, well, that takes courage and purpose.

Jen chose life, her life. The one she dreamed of. Reinventing herself with her trade mark passion, she now lives a life of incredible purpose, writing and coaching others to transform their own lives. She’s happy, she’s healthy and she was right all along. This is her calling.

13. Cait Flanders – Fighting back from crushing debt

How do you find remission from a life sentence of debt?

Cait certainly felt she needed one. In June 2011 she took stock of her financial situation and reeled at the $30,000 she owed. Outstanding college tuition fees, hundreds of must-have purchases and a ton of interest on the credit she’d racked up were the culprits.

Cait recognized that she needed to fight back. Smarter still, she realized that she needed to be accountable to help her stick to her pledge to be debt-free. And so Blond On A Budget was born. Through challenging herself on every cent she spent and recording her debt-repayment journey, Cait turned her financial situation around with astounding quick success. In a little over two years, she had paid off the full $30,000 – WOW!

If you’re drowning in debt or feel you’re innately fiscally challenged, Cait’s blog is a lifesaver. She delivers step by step advice with delightful humor, honesty and humility. Swap your money anxieties for positive, do-able strategies to transform your financial situation.

14. Alex Blackwell – Fighting back from the brink of divorce

What do you do when the love of your life walks out the door?

In 2003 the love of Alex’s life, wife Mary Beth was on the verge of quitting her marriage with Alex – for good. The reality of impending divorce hit Alex hard enough to make an incredible transformation, from near-divorcee to a leading authority on how to build and maintain a successful marriage.

Alex now inspires hundreds of thousands of couples the world over. Looking back over his own wonderful 29 year marriage, he admits he turned his relationship around when he embraced his own positive change from selfish to family-orientated.

If you’ve ever felt hapless in love, desperately confused, or anxious in your relationship, Alex will guide you through the complexities of building a loving life together from his own experience and all that he’s learned through mentoring countless others. The BridgeMaker is the perfect mix of inspiration and actionable steps, infused with Alex’s irresistible honesty and practical approach to making life a joyous experience.

15. Amit Amin– Fighting back from childhood illness

Amit Amin

Being successful with relentless fatigue and unremitting headaches seems impossible, right?

Well, Amit has proved us wrong twice over. Diagnosed with the chronic pain disease fibromyalgia at 13, he persevered so hard he achieved the accolade of being a Wall Street Consultant at only 21 years old.

At 22, successful but unfulfilled, Amit worked on managing his medical condition and started to study positive psychology and soon decided that without happiness life was pointless. Thank goodness. Because now he runs the inspirational site Happier Human – a wonderful vehicle for his incredible positivity and insatiable curiosity for hard evidence into what makes humans happy.

Fear not, his quirky approach to making scientific research easy to understand means you don’t need to be a nerd to embrace happiness. Bring your reading glasses though, as he will lure you into longer than normal posts that are so engaging and inspiring you won’t notice until you look up… smiling.

16. Annie Jean Brewer– Fighting back from the wrong side of the tracks


How do you walk away from everything you’ve ever known with no support and no idea how else to live?

We’re all a product of our upbringing and for the first part of her life Annie excelled at being the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. But by 22, far from planning her future, Annie wanted to lie down and not wake up. Already having lost both her parents, a single mother with two children, the only life skills she knew were breaking the law, cussing, shooting and card playing.

Turning life around is always an incredible achievement but reprogramming your life is phenomenal. Annie recognized that to change the life she hated, she needed to challenge the very roots she’d come from. Without passing judgment on her parents, she found the strength to forge herself a new mold and Annie now lives her dream life of raising her beautiful kids and being an incredible role model for them.

If you’ve ever wanted to give up on your situation, go visit Annie at Annienygma for inspiration, motivation and real-life solutions. I challenge you not to fall in love with the plucky girl who transformed her life for the love of her kids.

17. Arianna Merritt– Fighting back from bullying


How do you stop being the victim and start being the victor?

They say bullies are cowards underneath, but standing up to bullies who constantly prey on you takes way more than courage. It requires you to believe in yourself enough not to become convinced you deserve to be a victim – and that becomes harder the longer the situation continues. That’s exactly what Arianna found, and it’s precisely why she kept quiet about being bullied throughout her middle school years.

However, Arianna found the perfect way to fight back later in life. By studying a Master of Education program in Psychology, she turned her negative experiences around and her profound empathy for other victims of bullying led her to an even bolder aim: to change the world.

Arianna is now an inspirational leader in the fight to end bullying worldwide. Her rallying cry has been eagerly heard by hundreds of thousands. And her passion for providing a safe place for all, led to the creation of her all-inclusive virtual beach retreat. A paradise, free from unkindness, built on hope and support.

If your life will be better for having practical strategies for accepting yourself and understanding others, supported by the kind and caring community Arianna has brought together, grab your beach towel and flip flops and visit The Self Discovery Retreat for the warmest of welcomes.

18. Ashley Trexler– Fighting back from depression


What do you do if you’re diagnosed as clinically depressed and then find you’re pregnant?

Ashley was diagnosed with severe depression and borderline personality disorder at a young age. Getting out of bed was almost more than she could manage most mornings – until she became pregnant.

At that very moment Ashley made a conscious decision to fight back against her depression. She decided to become an optimist for herself and her future family. By deliberately rejecting anything that supported a negative state of mind and embracing only a positive environment, she no longer recognizes her former life.

Ashley is the first to say the medical profession are to be totally upheld, but exploring your own beliefs for additional solutions can literally turn your life around.

She now offers an incredible resource of positive solutions for parents at her blog. If you’re looking for honest, real-world answers on to how to raise happy, independent kids and live your own life too, Ashley is living proof that’s it’s not only possible but enjoyable.

Warning! Be aware that Ashley sometimes wraps her passion for offering parenting in strong language, strong opinions and irrepressibly infectious humor.

19. Betsy Henry– Fighting back from the pressures of parenting


At what point have you stressed across the finish line and become the perfect parent?

Betsy felt she hadn’t even left the starting blocks on that as she stressed and struggled with all the challenges raising three teenage boys hurls into your life. Forever nagging, she felt she was failing at nurturing. Ever agonizing over the right level of pressures on them, she pressurized herself even more to be the ultimate mom.

The realization that she wasn’t helping her boys or herself led Betsy to search hard for another approach. She noted that in her day job as a preschool teacher she was far more zen in dealing with other people’s kids and pledged to stop stressing and start letting things go. She now shares her experience and wisdom on how to be the ultimate imperfect parent to raise a generation of happy families world-wide.

If you’re struggling with being a harassed, confused or guilt-ridden mom or dad, visit Betsy at Zen Mama and find out exactly how to enjoy all your precious years helping your kids develop into their best selves. Truth is, you’ll feel part of Betsy’s family from the outset.

20. Brendon Burchard – Fighting back from a near death experience

What does it take to come back from the bruises of being hit by not one curveball in life but two?

Brendon certainly needed that answer. At 19, the loss of his first love hit him harder than he ever imagined, leaving him severely depressed. So much so, that he wished it was all over and contemplated making that his next reality. But almost as if to trump his emotional difficulties, he was then caught in a potentially fatal car accident that led him to ask three questions of himself.

If I had died that day “Did I live fully? Did I love openly? Did I make a difference?”

Brendon dug in and found the inner strength to find the answers to these important questions through studying self-development. Good job too! At 27 Brendon, swapped his corporate job for his dream of being a writer and 5 years later made that dream a reality by becoming a #1 bestselling author. To truly triumph over his initial adversities, he didn’t stop there and went on to be an early pioneer in the online education space, a multimillionaire and widely followed video blogger.

Brendon has followed his purpose in helping others ’live, love and matter’ by delivering his powerful message at conferences, in coaching and in his books. Whether you’re reeling from life’s events or wondering how to create the life you want, be inspired, motivated and empowered by Brendon. Here’s to your great life!

21. Chris Kresser – Fighting back from the unknown.

What would you do if doctors simply gave up on you in your 20’s?

Despite all their best efforts and the latest technology, no less than 20 doctors failed to solve Chris’s chronic, complex illness which began while traveling in Southeast Asia.

Chris decided to fight back against this insidious illness and took his health into his own hands. Choosing to do his own research and study, he became his own human guinea pig as he sought an answer to his complex condition. Chris’s dedication allowed him not only to recover from his own chronic condition but also to share what he learned with others through his blog, podcast and private practice.

In Chris’s words he ‘teaches and practices functional medicine, a personalized approach to health care that recognizes the biological uniqueness of each patient. In contrast to conventional care, which is almost entirely focused on suppressing symptoms, functional medicine eliminates symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of a problem. It is an evidence-based field of health care that views the body as an interconnected whole, and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease.’

22. Cylon George– Fighting back from social stigma.


If you constantly suffer teasing from childhood onwards, how do you find your confidence?

Right from his most self-conscious childhood years, Cylon lived with the self-confidence assassin of a severe stutter. Never knowing which word might next trigger his speech to falter or totally freeze, he feared speaking out at all. Cylon’s anxiety drove him to seek perfection, to depend on certainty and safety in every situation.

And then Cylon met someone who inspired him to embrace what he saw as his worst imperfection – a fellow stutterer who had decided nothing would hold him back. Cylon resolved to fight back and accept his ‘imperfection’, even to embrace it. He faced his fear of not being in control of his words and started speaking up. He began to brave social situations he’d always avoided.

Cylon turned his life around by learning to accept himself just as he was and found that his new-found approach significantly reduced his stutter. If you’re struggling with trying to juggle too much in life or beating yourself up for not doing or being enough, head on over to Cylon’s wonderful blog.

23. Ryan Nicodemus– Fighting back from redundancy

What would you expect as a thank you for remembering your boss’s birthday?

Probably not being laid off with no notice. For seven years Ryan worked his ass off for the same company, climbing the executive ladder. And in an instant, it was over.

But Ryan fought back against all the worry, fear and uncertainty such a devastating event out of the blue whips up. Instead in his own words: “I just sat there and thought, “This is the best thing that could have happened to me.”

Just short of 30 years old and despite knowing nothing but corporate culture, Ryan teamed up with his best friend Joshua and together they set out to follow their dream of starting a heart-centered business showing people how to live a meaningful life. And despite the constant worries of “What if we fail? What if people don’t respect us as much? What if, what if, what if?” they stuck at it and turned what on the surface seemed a huge negative into a stunning positive.

Joshua and Ryan’s blog now attracts 4 million readers and has been featured on CBS, TIME, Forbes, USA Today, and a host of others.

24. Leo Babauta– Fighting back from failure

What do you do when your life is going nowhere?

Leo knows that feeling. And knows how to fight back. Overweight, deep in debt, stressed out and in a job he hated, Leo desperately needed to turn his life around. And not just for him, but for his wife and children because to Leo, family was, and is, paramount.

So he started a blog as if his life depended on it, which in many ways it did. Leo became legendary for his amazing output despite still having a full-time job and 6 children. Soon everyone was talking about Leo’s blog. Finally, all that hard work started to pay off and in 2009, Time Magazine named Zen Habits one of the Top 25 Blogs of the year. The following year Leo topped the list.

But Leo didn’t just turn his career around from negative to positive. He also lost 80 pounds, quit smoking and became a dedicated runner and vegetarian. Zen Habits now has over 1 million readers and Leo and his family have been able to move from Guam to San Fransisco where he continues to inspire people on how to live a simpler, more connected life.

25. Quinn Eurich – Fighting back from severe childhood anxiety


How do you thrive if your childhood is an emotional rollercoaster?

Growing up in a family that could be loving and supportive one minute and then angry and cold the next is just too much confusion. Quinn soon learned walking on eggshells and hiding her true feelings was the only way to get by. However the stress of never knowing how her parents would react to any situation led her to fall prey to anxiety and panic attacks.

As soon as she was free from this negative environment, Quinn started fighting back against her anxiety and panic. She read every book she could get her hands on but became dissatisfied with the information and help available. This led her to start her own blog, Outsmarting Panic and Anxiety and now she helps hundreds of others fight back.

And her own anxiety and panic? From being practically immobilized, Quinn is now able to run a successful writing services business and her blog. I’ll leave the last word on how she managed this to her: “Trial, error, effort and determination not to let my life be ruled by these two power-grabbing tyrants! If I can do it, so can you!”

26. Kelly Exeter -Fighting back from a breakdown

If you’re a serial overachiever, how do you stop burning out?

The body has ways of screaming ‘Stop working me so hard’ but if you’re an overachiever you can keep ignoring these for a long while. Kelly admits she needed to have listened to her body earlier. In trying to build her business as the ultimate graphic and web designer alongside motherhood she reached the point of total mental and physical burnout.

Her strategy of taking on more and more in the hope she’d find what she loved backfired badly. From being the busy, ever capable, go-to woman, she stayed home for 3 months, with stress, depression and anxiety as her constant companions.

Then she miscarried. The fourth in less than eighteen months. I know, there are no words for that. And to compensate Kelly fell straight back into her old pattern

of behavior as a coping mechanism: work + work + work = stress = serious burnout = breakdown. And that’s when she finally listened. To her body. To her husband. To her doctor.

Today Kelly spends her days writing, designing and most importantly spending quality with her family. She also helps thousands of others to avoid overwhelm and burnout. Kelly shares her wisdom on how to live a less frantic life on her blog.

27. Jon Morrow– Fighting back from everything life could throw at him


Why would you think yourself lucky if you got hit by a car?

Perhaps the question should be: would you think yourself lucky if you got hit by a car? Nope? Me neither! But Jon doesn’t look at life the way most of us do.

Born with a degenerative disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, he slowly lost the ability to move anything but his face. So what on earth can you achieve from a wheelchair with just your voice? Try:

  • Graduating from high school at 16
  • Starting three businesses by 18.
  • Graduating college magna cum laude with a 3.9 GPA by 21
  • Running a real estate business, selling millions of dollars worth of property by 22.

And then he got hit by a car and was pulled on fire from the wreckage. And he called it ‘lucky’.


You see, despite having achieved more than most able-bodied people twice his age, amazingly he still felt he hadn’t turned his life fully around from negative to positive. And his accident came as a wake-up call. So once out of the hospital, he quit his job and started doing what he was put on this planet to do – inspire people through his writing and teaching to have the courage to earn their living by using their god-given creative talents.

So what’s Jon’s secret to fighting back against adversity? I’ll let him reply: “Simple: courage. The more I write, the more I realize building a career as a writer isn’t about smarts or talent or even discipline. It’s about guts.” And guts is what it takes to fight back every day from that kind of adversity.

Fight Back With The Example Of These Inspirational Bloggers

Tired of being beaten by life?

Exhausted from believing you have no power?

Angry you’ve been told you can’t, it’s over, that you’ve already lost?

Because it isn’t and you haven’t.

Each one of these inspirational bloggers have shown that no matter how hard life kicks you in the teeth, you can kick it back – harder.

Take their inspirational story and re-write your own version to become the hero of your story.

Because you’re going to go out and re-write that sh*tty script life threw you.

Because you’re a fighter.

And fighters fight.

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