How To Enable Citi Prepaid BioLife Card Plasma?

Biolife Card – Review | Each Biolife Card center is a very important element of its area. Donors not only promote the source of life-saving therapeutics, but also bring about the commercial power of the immediate neighborhoods. The settlement donors get their devotion to the BioLife program have been spent and re-spent locally.

BioLife is One of the most popular Blood donation facility at the USA that pays for blood donations. BioLife Plasma Services is a part of Shire. Shire are a global biotechnology company offering specialist medical solutions for individuals affected by rare diseases.

Average BioLife Plasma Services hourly cover ranges from Approximately $11.00 per hour for Phlebotomy Tech to $23.40 per hour to Registered Nurse – Operating Room. The Normal BioLife Plasma Services salary ranges from around $18,896 per year for Medical Historian to $41,853 per year for Rn – Operating Room.

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Can You Use a Biolife Card Online?

Can I utilize the Prepaid Card for internet purchases? You can use The Card for purchases anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted – even online. But, you need to register the Card at Before trying an internet purchase.

How To Empower – Citi Prepaid Biolife Plasma Bank-Card On The Web?

  • See:
  • Type your username in the space provided
  • Type your password in the space provided
  • Click the button “Join.”
  • Access and manage your account online to BioLife Plasma Card Balance

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How Does BioLife Work?

There’s a 6 step process of using BioLife for the initial time:

  • Measure 1 is always to sign up. You can do this by registering on the Biolife Citicard web site, and linking to your local centre.
  • Measure 2 will be always to therefore a donation screening. Here you will answer Some personal and medical questions. This ensures that your donation is secure to your others.
  • Measure 3 phase will be to get evaluated by a health Historian. They Will quantify your weight, heartbeat and blood pressure.
  • Measure 4 is to fulfill a phlebotomist and earn a donation.
  • Measure 5 will be the area in which you receive your reimbursement. BioLife Pay you through a BioLife Debit Card. As of posting this guide, the debit card is a MasterCard. Before, Biolife card balance covered donations by cash, however, as a former BioLife employee on Reddit revealed, this turned into a danger for employees therefore today payment has been accomplished by card.
  • Measure 6 would be to schedule your next contribution so that you may Donate regularly. It’s possible to reserve your next contribution on the BioLife site.