How To Check The Status Of The Unemployment Claims | Bank Of America UIA?

Bank Of America UIA – Review | For info on electronic payment options for receiving Unemployment benefits, including debit card or direct deposit, check out the UIA web site at For additional information about use of this Bank Of America Unemployment Debit Card, including frequently asked questions along with also an ATM locator, visit

UIA customers who receive Their unemployment benefits by debit card will have their Chase-issued debit card replaced with a new card issued by Bank of America. As a result of a brand new State of Michigan contract,” Bank of America UIA replenishes Chase since the company which issues the bank cards.

Signing up for some Michigan unemployment debit card is quite simple. Once you’re submitting your first paper work to begin your own benefits, only pick the bank card as a form of payment instead of a paper check. You’ll get your cash a little faster if you get it loaded to a UIA Bank Of America Debit Card, since that you don’t have to wait around for it to process through your mail.

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What Are The Advantages Of Bank Of America UIA?

Unemployment benefit is that a money payment, Nothing just like food stamps Or any other type of a coupon, it may be utilized to buy all sorts of goods. Before receiving benefits in Michigan UIA Login, the individual must connect with the Agency the Michigan unemployment insurance and reclaim the benefits to cover for any given period. After her benefit claim, the State Agency will ship him money. If he chooses, he could have this money stored in the card issued.

How To Check The Status Of The Unemployment Case?

If you have filed your unemployment claim although our ONLINE System you’ll have the ability to check the status by visiting You will need to enter your confirmation number to view your status. If you’ve filed on the telephone, you’ll want to telephone (401) 243-9100.

MIUIA Account Number

  • Format: 999 9999 or 99999 99999 (6 or 10 digits)
  • Apply online at the Unemployment Insurance Agency’s ERegistration portal to get a UI Account Number within 3 business days.

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Locate an existent UI Account Number:

  • On Form UIA 1028, Employer’s Quarterly Wage/Tax report.
  • By calling the Unemployment Insurance Agency at (313) 456-2080.
  • Customer service Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA)

On The Web:


Phone (Toll Free):

  • 1.866.436.1964
  • TTY (toll free): 1.866.656.5913
  • Outside U.S. (collect): 423.262.1650
  • Call immediately if your card has been lost or stolen.